Biofilm Eradication System Tethered B.E.S.T. ™

Orthopaedic Implant Infection Control Device: US Patent Number 9,616,142: This remarkable technology breaks up biofilms, and helps control bacterial infections on orthopaedic implants, in bone and surrounding tissue.The device, when fully developed in future generations, will enable clinician control and bio-informatic reporting via telemetry. The clinician will have control of the treatment parameters and receive operating and compliance reports, increasingly essential in today’s medical and insurance environment.

Implant Infections

In the United States, costs exceed $14 billion annually to treat orthopaedic implant infections. Orthopaedic implant infections can be disastrous for patients, as biofilms evade the immune system and are often resistant to conventional antibiotic therapy. 

Garwood’s technologies and devices have the potential to reduce patient morbidity and mortality while saving many billions of dollars per year worldwide.